HS Intro and Diagnostic Test
Feb. 16, 2017
CCF Center, Bible Study Rooms 1 & 2
Name of Parent/Guardian: *

HS Intro *

HS Intro is Php 500.00 per family
Diagnostic Test *

Diagnostic Test is required to incoming Gradeschool to Highschool Students. Diagnostic Test is Php 1000.00/child.
Total Number of Child Taking the Diagnostic Test *

Child/ren's name:

Make sure to include your child/ren's Grade Level. (If taking the Diagnostic Test. Skip if not)
e.g.: Juan Dela Cruz-Grade 6
Name and Grade Level of 1st child:

Name and grade level of 2nd child:

Name and Grade level of 3rd child:

Name and Grade level of 4th child:

Contact Number: *

City/Province *

Thank you for taking your time to register. Payment is on the day. Registration starts at 8am.

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